• Imagine

    your company has an environment where everybody

  • feels safe

    perform better, stay longer

  • Creative

    have the voice to suggest improvements

  • Responsible

    tell you what they have done, with confidence

  • Our Team

    train and consult management teams

  • Effective

    leaders are nurtured

Let us help your management team get it right!


When your employees feel safe they:

  • perform better
  • stay longer
  • will go the extra mile, because they want to!

When your employees are allowed to be creative they:

  • have the voice to suggest improvements

When your employees are responsible they:

  • tell you what they have done, with confidence
  • communicate their intentions after considering aspects like risk, value versus cost and client experience

Let us help you to get it right!

We train and consult management teams to achieve all of this in their own companies by becoming effective leaders.

The results can be seen and experienced after 1 day.

These changes will challenge all the outdated and unproductive habits and processes in the company and rejuvenate the work place to create an environment where everybody is safe, creative and responsible.

You need


Our Benefits and Tools

Dedicated Consultant

Personalised support from a knowledgeable and experienced Business Consultant with an extensive background on the benefits and tools of the ISO Solved Solution.

Proven Leadership Development

Experience our user friendly training and coaching to optimise your leaders and employees.

Save time and effort

We assist with introducing the latest most effective leadership style in your company.

Dedicated Training

We train Leaders and Managers to Lead and Manage with workshops or internal training when we consult.

IT tools

We provide IT tools for clients to maximise their communication and speed up reaction times.

Expert client support

We provide quick but relevant support to our clients from Experts in the field.

Dedicated or hosted platform

You decide whether to solution as a dedicated system or to keep it on our cloud hosted platform.

Administer company documents

Documentation is accessible remotely for quick use where applicable.

Activity based documentation

Implement policies and procedures according to job activities.

Never miss important events

Alerts on upcoming events in documentation ensures keeping to a pre-approved schedule.

Proof collection

Facilitate the collection of real time activities and events as daily proceedings to aid compliance.

Excellent Leaders for everybody

It is our goal to develop leaders in our clients.

Some of our Clients

Without a standard there is no logical basis
for making a decision or taking action.

About us

about us

We know about the challenges you face because:

We've been there, got the T-Shirt.

We owned and managed various organisations including an accredited company for 8 years.

We operated more than 35 auditors and 125 sales people.

We developed and used our extensive IT experience to find solutions to problems.

Bottom line: our team of experts are waiting to help you effect these leader changes and use the tools available to maximise output.

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There can be no improvements
where there are no standards
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